5 Reasons That Necessitate Chopping Down A Tree

Trees are good for the environment, beautiful to behold, and can add value to a property. They also can be a nuisance depending on certain situations, and these can necessitate felling them. In the commercial sphere, tree surgeons Southampton are used for timber production, making papers, or clearing the land for construction, among other reasons. Away from commercial purposes, chopping down a tree can be the best recourse when faced with the following circumstances.

The Tree Died

When a tree withers and dies, it has little to no purposes where it stands. It might look attractive and seem to pose no risks, but things are not as you may think. A dead tree can be a source of a handful of problems, some that can result in severe injuries or damages. For instance, the dead branches can snap off and fall on an unsuspected person or pet. Conversely, the entire tree can fall during adverse weather conditions. Therefore, the risk of property damage and injuries associated with the dead tree cannot be overlooked.

The Tree Is Diseased

You need not be quick to cut down a tree when you discover it is diseased. But it would be best if you acted quickly to save it by pruning the infected branches and applying the recommended chemicals to treat the problem. It would be best to call a tree surgeon to assess the plant if the disease keeps spreading. The specialist will determine if felling the tree is the best option to mitigate various issues. For instance, the diseased plant can attract pests like rats and insects that can jump from your garden into your home. Failure to nip the disease by the bud can lead to the tree’s death or force you to chop it down.

The Tree Is Too Close To Something.

Construction experts say that trees that grow too close to a house are bound to cause foundation damage; this is a rare occurrence. Nevertheless, different issues can crop up when a tree is growing next to something. For instance, trees growing next to drains can cause damages and blockages with their roots. Moreover, large trees with massive roots can cause garages, basements, and paved driveways or walkways to shift and crack, and they grow and spread underneath them. Branches, twigs, and leaves can damage the roofs and gutters.

The Tree Is Leaning Precariously

A treen that grows leaning to one side is bound to fall over as it gets bigger and heavier and the weight shifts to one side. You might think little of it if the plant has deep roots and seems grounded firmly, but the risk of it falling cannot be overstated, especially during bad weather. Therefore, the best thing is to cut it down before it causes any damage or injuries.

The Tree Has Internal Decay

Decaying within the tree’s stem is not easy to spot, more so when the leaves are still green and show no signs of a problem. You will need expert skills to identify the decay hence the reason to call a tree surgeon. The plant can deteriorate from within, and you might discover this when it is too late – after the tree snapped and fell unexpectedly, causing injuries or damages.

Overall, trees are an essential and beautiful addition to any property. But they can also pose some challenges that push for the need to chop them down. The five cases are some of the extreme circumstances that would necessitate felling a tree in your home. However, you could have other reasons that might be less grave, such as landscaping to enhance your garden’s aesthetics, reducing the shade in your yard, or creating more space. At HRC Tree Surgeon, we can help you with whatever tree services you need.