6 Tips For Starting University

Heading off to uni can be a strange and exciting time. It’s a crossroads between your childhood and adult years, where you hopefully make a lot of friends and memories. Of course you also want a good education that launches your successful career and life. Keep reading for 6 tips for starting university, as relayed by those that have come before you:

1) Practise Workload Management

Keeping up with your workload is critical. Kaylie Knowles knows this all too well. She was okay doing her undergrad at Trent, but then she says she had a handful of meltdowns throughout her final year when at Derby. She recommends prioritising workloads and taking breaks when things get to be too much.

2) Make A Weekly Budget

Mary O’Connell did English literature studies while at York University. She then moved on to an MA for Film Studies while at King’s College London. She suggests not spending all of your money just on Fresher’s Week. If you’re new to working, then you might not know until uni how quickly your bank account can get hammered. No matter how much money is loaned to you, you need to be smart with it to save for things like student storage London.

3) Back Up All Of Your Work

Peter Rogers graduated last year from York University. He suggests backing up all of your work, and you should also do it all in multiple places. He points out how his university had Gmail accounts, so he just stored everything in the cloud through Google Drive. He also suggests saving various versions of your pieces of work as you move through them.

4) Maximise Your First Year There

Peter reports that your first year at uni might be a bit easier on the academic side than the years that follow. As such, try to enjoy it. If you go to a uni where your first year isn’t counted towards the end grade, then enjoy the freedom that comes with that. He regrets not spending more time hanging with friends or trying out different sports and activities. He says the academic parts ramp up in the next two years and that no one really asks him about his first-year grades.

5) Be Picky About Your Friends

Emmeke Megannety is in the second year of journalism studies at Nottingham Trent University. Emmeke points out that friends you make during the first week might not be friends you wind up keeping for life.

6) Keep An Eye Out For People Around You

Too many students suffer various mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. 2016 data showed 146 suicides among students that year. Peter says it’s crucial to watch out for your peers. When need be, ask searching questions. He was really shocked at how many people seemed fine on the outside but were truly struggling internally. He says men in particular dance around real answers when asked how they were feeling. He said real friends should ask about specific things that might impact someone’s mental health. The answers can be enlightening, and possible even lifesaving.

Now that you have read all of this, you have 6 tips at your disposal for starting university. Read the list again to remember them better, because they will pay off in the long run.