Best Reasons For Using A Help Desk

Improve Your Work Efficiency

A help desk allows office workers to submit their issues right away and have them addressed much faster. This makes everyone in the team more productive, as workers spend less time dealing with various problems.

IT professionals save time by not having to deal with unnecessary manual processes. Enable smart multitasking, even remotely thanks to help desk systems, IT professionals can label and prioritise tasks with better efficiency.

This allows them to handle similar issues at once, and therefore save time by sorting out multiple problems in one single go to the server room, for instance.

Have All IT Requests In One Place

Standard help desk systems provide a single place for users to create their tickets, to keep track of the status of all open issues and to close them after they receive a resolution.

This portal can also serve as a communication tool to let the users know about scheduled maintenance works or various problems that may lead to shutting down some services. This allows businesses to reduce unnecessary tickets.

Customise The Portal To Suit Your Needs

The basic function of a help desk system is to provide users with the opportunity to create a ticket containing a title and a description of their issues. A deeper level of information includes custom fields such as department, building name, floor, or whatever else you may wish.

This data will serve to create reports later on, in order to find methods to improve your workflow and your internal processes. Improve

Overall Workflow By Analysing Trends

Help desks allow you to track various metrics such a the average time spent on resolving tickets. This information can help IT managers identify the strengths and the weaknesses of their team member, in order to assign different tasks to those employees who are the best at solving them.

By assigning specific categories of tickets to specific employees, you can improve the efficiency of your IT department.

Prioritise The Most Important And The Most Urgent Tasks

Different issues have different severity and urgency levels. A ticket created by someone who needs a new mouse to replace a broken one isn’t as urgent or as important as one that asks for the replacement of a failing server that contains important data.

Thanks to the help service desk system, technicians can prioritise tasks and tickets in order to tackle high severity ones with maximum priority.

Auto-Assign New Help Desk Tickets

Modern help desk systems are able to analyse tickets and assign them to the most suitable technicians. You create the rules and then you don’t have to worry about manually assigning these tasks to the employees who are the best at solving those specific types of problems.

For instance, you can have all server-related issues sent directly to Mark and all forgotten password inquiries to Jane.

Issue Due Dates To Better Establish Expectations

Both IT professionals and regular employees can benefit from a help desk by establishing expectations in an accurate manner.

Due dates can be manually or automatically assigned to tickets. Allowing technicians to decide what to work on, in order to complete all tasks in due time.

Deal With Reoccurring Issues In A More Efficient Way

Some tech-related issues are prone to reoccurring on regular basis.

By using a help desk system, you can keep notes on all problems, in order to enable everyone to find solutions by searching through old tickets.

Earn Your Bragging Rights

Help desk reporting can help you prepare presentations. This will show how many tickets you managed to resolve within specific periods of time. This can help you establish the value of your IT department.