How To Discover The Best Skincare Regimen For You

1. Cleanser

The first step in all good skincare routines is cleansing. The kind of cleanser that you use is more important than you might think. The best type of product to use is a gentle face wash, especially if you are planning on using additional active ingredients in the future. Dr. Magovern warns that too far too many people cleanse either too often or too much using a harsh cleanser that can break your skin barrier down causing red skin syndrome.

2. Toner

Using a toner is optional. However, if you already have a toner that you like, then definitely use it. According to Dr. Magovern, using a toner can be an excellent way to balance the pH of your skin. If your skin is prone to developing acne, search for a toner that contains ingredients such as salicylic acid to help calm down breakouts. So if you have sensitive or dry skin, choose a hydrating tone for soothing purposes.

3. Vitamin C Serum

With serums, it is recommended by Dr. Magoven that during the day a vitamin C serum should be used. He says he thinks everyone should be using vitamin C, regardless of their age, beginning in their twenties. It helps to reverse lots of the damage received from pollution and the sun. If you want to use a vitamin C serum, search for one with a stable type of vitamin C. That means the molecule can penetrate into your skin effectively.

4. Eye Cream

These are part of the “treat” category. Use your ring finger (which is your weakest finger) to dab eye cream on so you do not damage your eye area accidentally.

5. Moisturiser

After your skin has been treated, it is time for you to moisturise it. Moisturiser helps to strengthen the skin barrier and ensure your skin stays hydrated. For daytime use, choose a lighter moisturiser that quickly soaks in and will not cause any pilling underneath your makeup.

6. Sunscreen

This step is the most important one in your entire skincare regimen. Dr. Magovern says that when you don’t wear any sunscreen, then you may as well not be doing any of the other steps either. The number one reason why your skin ages prematurely is the sun. It is very important to protect your skin against the sun even if you spend your days inside since UV rays are still able to penetrate through your windows.

Your Nighttime Skincare Regimen

Your skincare routine should be switched up a night. Not only because SPF isn’t needed while you are sleeping. Dr. Magovern says your nighttime regimen is the ideal time to ensure that your skin gets as many active ingredients and nutrients as possible, since while you are sleeping your skin repairs and regenerates itself. You will still be following the same basic steps – cleansing, treating, and moisturising. However, your regimen at night is going to look a bit different.

Cleanser At night

Dr. Magovern does recommend that you still use a gentle cleanser. However, a cleanser can be used that helps to remove your makeup, such as an oil-based face wash. You could even double cleansing if you would like to go the extra mile. A water-based face wash is used after using an oil cleanser in order to clean out any lingering oil and dirt from the pores of your skin.


If you would like to use a toner at night, apply it in the same way that you do in the morning. Do this before you start to apply treatments and serums.