Must-Haves For Today’s Modern Kitchen Designs

As part of any kitchen remodel, extension, or refit, it is critical to have a good idea of the essentials that your project needs. There are various functional requirements that create effective kitchen plumbing, ovens, and refrigerator-freezers. However, a modern, well-designed kitchen with dekton worktops, requires a solid foundation that goes beyond the essentials. An effective modern kitchen design includes efficiency, clarity, and cohesion. When you look past just the basic requirements you will find there are must-haves that modern kitchens need.


These days, the meaning of efficiency goes well appliances being able to fulfil their tasks. Environmental and economic efficiency are both essential must-haves for modern kitchens. If you adding new appliances are part of a refit, this is your opportunity to choose ones that have high energy ratings. Other kitchen features are also important. Consider materials. Durable and natural worktop materials like marble and granite are mined in the form of slabs and therefore have less of a manufacturing impact. A worktop can last a lifetime, meaning these materials help to minimise waste.


When it comes to modern kitchen design, a number of different design concepts come into play. From coastal to country, to minimalist to retro, the key to a successful aesthetic is cohesion. Choose your concept and then carefully plan the way that various elements will be working together in your finished room. Keep in mind that in future years you might want to update your kitchen‘s aesthetic. When you choose a neutral quartz workshop, that means your kitchen’s key element can stay constant while such features as cabinet fronts can be updated easily.


Having a broad of functional is fundamental to a lasting modern kitchen design. These days, modern kitchens are multi-disciplined rooms. They are spaces for living, relaxing, working, socialising, entertaining, and cooking. That is why living furniture is one of the most popular must-haves for kitchens. Having a range of seating options in your kitchen makes it possible to fully embrace your kitchen’s personality. From casual breakfast bar stools to seating dining to a relaxing sofa area, your worktops and tables can shift in function easily.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands or breakfast bars are been around for quite some time. However, they have become one of the most widespread staples as modern kitchen design continues to evolve. When there is enough space available, this a multifunctional and extra-wide must-have feature. A wine refrigerator, preparation sink, hob or even waterfall layers can be included to maximise the uses and functionality of the area. When you select a material like granite or marble, your kitchen island is going to look fantastic and will last a lifetime.

Worktops that are built to last

Therefore, durability is critical in modern kitchens. Modern kitchens need to have design features that are durable in terms of both strength and style. This is due to consumer decisions becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and prudent. By choose a worktop made out of granite that can last an entire lifetime, it will minimise your kitchen refit’s impact. Sparkling quartz or classic neutral work together with many different design concepts. So as long as these surfaces are well taken care of, they will still look fantastic in ten years.

Larder pull out cupboards

Modern kitchen designs should not include any forgotten tins hiding in the back of the cupboard. With pull-out full height pantry cupboards, access to provide to both sides of the shelves and optimises kitchen storage. A pull-out larger is either part of a floor-to-ceiling unit or located on the end of a worktop, and is a sure sign of a functional modern kitchen.

Combine freestanding and fitted

Customers are increasingly selecting a combination of freestanding preparation areas and cabinets and fitted kitchen units. This combination of styles provides a great personal and unique aesthetic for your kitchen design concept. Consider combining classic granite worktops instead of fitted units that are set against a free-standing range oven and dresser. When done properly the meeting of styles is fresh and striking.