New Business Support in Hampshire

It goes without saying that starting a new business a difficult endeavour, and against the backdrop of a crisis, things get even more complicated. However, despite the uncertainties caused by Brexit in 2019 and the subsequent financial implications of COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, there has been a notable surge in the number of new web design agency hampshire businesses over the past few years.

While this might seem unexpected, the statistics help give a clearer picture of the situation. In 2019, the county saw the formation of over 15,000 new companies – a 6.5% increase from the previous year. And 2020 pushed the limits further with 15,534 new companies being formed – an increase of 2.4% from 2019. A quick analysis of these figures shows that Southampton recorded the highest number of new businesses formed at 2,180; Portsmouth had the second-highest number of new businesses formed at 1,845; East Hampshire came in third with 1,814 new businesses. This only goes on to show the strength and resilience of the county’s economy. Given that the Hampshire business sector has an economic output of 50 billion, it is one of the largest contributors to the economy. Hampshire is perhaps the best sub-regional economy in the South East.

In case you are planning on starting a new business in Hampshire, there are a number of great resources you can use for your benefit. Besides business networking groups, there are plenty of support and mentoring services in the region. Here are our top picks:

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce
This is a not-for-profit organisation that is made up of 2,000 local businesses. It is owned and ran by members of the private sector. It serves as a useful resource for both startups and established businesses. Being a member comes with many great benefits and as a startup, you can gain from HR, legal, and tax advice. Members also get to enjoy offers and discounts on services and also get access to training events. More importantly, you get valuable business networking opportunities, which will help push your company to newer heights.

Enterprise Business South
This is a leading enterprise agency committed to supporting and growing the region’s economy. Its aim is to connect and bring together like-minded professionals such as business leaders, public bodies, and educators to help mentor and lobby for positive changes. This group offers great support to individuals in whichever stage they are at in business, whether you are pre-startup, a startup, or a well-established business. it is particularly beneficial to those in the early stages of business, for starters, it offers a free start-up course ‘Create’, helps new businesses secure funding, and it also offers business coaching and mentoring. It will provide you with all the information and guidance you need to set up a new business. Its website offers many free resources such as the ‘Business Survival Guide’ and templates for important documents like business plans, cash flow spreadsheets, and press releases.

Government Start-Up Loan
Forming a new company requires proper financial planning and investment. People starting or growing their business can seek funds ranging from £500 to £25,000 from the Government start-up loan. Keep in mind that this is an unsecured personal loan, and to be eligible, you need to meet the following criteria:

Be at least 18 years old
Reside in the UK
Run a UK-based company that has been trading for no more than 2 years, or you are planning to set up a UK-based business
Besides receiving funding, if you are successful you will get help coming up with a business plan and also get 12 months of mentoring.

While starting a new business or growing an existing one can be a complex undertaking, at Planet World City, we are committed to helping all kinds of businesses by simplifying the digital part of the process. Get in touch with our full-service digital agency to learn how we can help sell your company and your products. Our team will manage and help grow and solidify your online presence. Contact us today at 01252852145 or to improve your digital footprint.