Should You Clean Your Home Or Office To Help Tackle Covid And How Often?

How often should you spend time cleaning your office or home because of Covid?

Although you will likely clean your home or office regularly, this is certainly something you need to upgrade during a pandemic! You need to have a regular schedule where you are cleaning your home office, your home, or if you have an office at a building, and it’s a habit you need to develop. You need to use cleaning materials that can help prevent the spread of Covid transmissions, and this is so that your workforce, and yourself, can be protected from this health crisis. You need to also plan when this should be done, specifically picked times where you are able to do this, but how can you maintain this type of schedule?

Surface Cleaning

When you do surface cleaning, you need to be as consistent as possible. If you just do this occasionally, the buildup of grime and dirt will cause problems later on. You also need to protect any space that you are in from the potential transmission of Covid, and that’s why doing this regularly is so important.


If you have an office building, and this is your primary place of business, you need to keep your workers safe by scheduling times where the cleaning process will occur. If you have any personnel that have changed, or if they are not there, you need to keep cleaning to reduce transmission possibilities. Commercial pressure cleaning.


If you have a home office, or if you are just cleaning your home, make sure all of the surfaces are wiped down by the end of the day, and this is particularly important for commercial office space. Although there may be individuals that are always going to be the same, there could be crossovers from time to time which is why you need to keep cleaning. It is for these reasons that daily cleanings are advised.

Deep Cleaning

Frequent surface cleaning, as well as deep cleaning, is so much more important that it was just a few years ago. How often do you actually do a deep clean for your home or office?


There are likely many people that will be working in your office, and they may come at different times, which means you need to have a rotating schedule that is consistent and maintain the cleanliness within your office or home. If there is a lockdown period, you need to be aware of this timetable, and if you have any teams where there will be crossover individuals, try to minimize this as much as possible. A deep clean is something that should be done in between team bubbles that will be utilizing the same areas. It can be a very difficult task. However, if you are using something like electrostatic surface cleaning systems or materials, this is going to speed up the process, saving you half the time that you would you simply used traditional methods. This makes everything much more efficient and requires fewer people to complete the process.

Bacteria Pot Spots

If you’re going to pay attention to anything, look at areas that are of particular interest while you are going through the cleaning process. You need to have what is called enhanced focus, and you may have to increase the amount of cleaning that you do in these particular areas. For example, desks that people are using our areas where germs can easily breathing. In fact, a single desktop can have over 20,000 germs on just a single square inch of the surface area. That’s why when you have multiple people, even from IT working there, it’s important to keep your desks clean. Covid is something that all employers should worry about, primarily because people can get sick, and if they are, this can impact your entire workforce.

Whether you are doing this from a home station, or a traditional office, it is clear that people are going to be spending more time each day at these desks. If you have more demands than ever before, working longer hours, you need to keep on top of cleaning, especially if people are eating at their desk which can cause problems with hygiene. All of this is true for both your home and your office. Your goal, by the end of the day, is to clean and clear every desk so that everyone is safe through using these professional cleaning systems that should be done at the office and at home.