Strong Teams during These Tough Times

From Karen Sanders, of the HR Department

I have been working in the HR department of a restaurant accountant in Hampshire for more than 20 years and in all that time, I have focused on leadership and teams. In the course of this lockdown, I have faced the most challenging time of my career in my occupation of making teams feel united and be as one. A McKinsey report released recently showed that two-thirds of executives believe this is the most challenging period of their careers.

The Challenges

So if you have been feeling that home life and work-life has been daunting, you’ll be glad to hear you aren’t in that ship alone. Regardless if you are working remotely or home-schooling, have been impacted by the restrictions and lockdown, furlough or tons of extra work, have a family member or friend struggle with mental health problems or struggle with the lack of human interaction, the pandemic has impacted all of us in one way or another. But one thing has remained constant and that is: a team is a team, and the stronger the team, the happier the workforce and the greater the productivity. This is key to any business’s success. The business will only be as good as the team members, and the team will have a strong foundation if we stay united and have a strong bond.

These are unprecedented times, where all of us need to look at things from our colleagues’ point of view and try to be conscious of what life currently is like for them. We are struggling to work as hard as we can, and everybody has faced their fair share of personal challenges in the past 8 months. Introverts will thrive working from their homes and be happy with the decreased interaction, but for some of us, this won’t be easy, which is why it’s important to look at things from their point of view. Working at a kitchen counter, living in an apartment with your partner, while kids are running around is not an ideal environment!

What We Can Do to Help

Remember to be kind and ask one another how you are doing, watch out for one another and ask your friends and other families how they are doing. We can all prosper when we get a sense of belonging at the workplace. But that becomes difficult to attain when we live through these tough times.

Some of us who are naturally social creatures can prepare virtual team-building events – scavenger hunts, book clubs, quiz nights or a team coffee break are great ways to have fun, and will foster and maintain strong bonds. Take a chance and make yourself available. You don’t necessarily need to wait for somebody to plan things for you.

In a nutshell, I’m suggesting that you take ample time to think about your colleague, always be kind, and always give off positive vibes. This will assist in bolstering the strength of your team and give it a sense of belonging. Most of the companies I have had the pleasure of working with feel like family.

Please consider getting in touch if you are concerned about any of the following. Don’t worry, the meter won’t be running. Talking it out is always the solution!

  • Raising new funding and finance
  • Discussing leases with landlords
  • Furlough programs, letting staff go and HR
  • Understanding insolvency
  • Can you have a CVA?
  • Consulting with banks concerning current borrowings
  • Going online and developing an e-commerce platform
  • Picking the right delivery partner
  • Reforming your business model
  • Talking to HMRC
  • Advertising and raising your business profile
  • Negotiating with suppliers

If you want to speak to somebody on any of the aforementioned concerns disturbing you, you can email us at or call 020 8633 7700.