The Different Types Of UPS

What Is UPS?

The term UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply. This is a device designed to not only protect electrical systems such as computers, data centre design,IT equipment running after a power outage but also protect them from power surges or failure.  In a nutshell, it is a device that offers battery backup power when there is a power outage, when electricity drops in voltage, when there is a power surge or if there is a problem with the current.

This product is highly important, especially in mission-critical environments. Based on its size and its technology, they deliver a constant flow of power for a specific time or until when the generators kick/activate or allowing for a system to showdown properly to prevent data loss and other problems. The best thing is that a single UPS device can be used to protect a single device or a whole data centre effectively.

The Different Types Of UPS

There are generally, three main types of UPS systems today. These different types come with different technology as well as service delivery. In other words, they have been designed to accommodate different ranges of applications. For this reason, they do meet both commercial and residential needs. The three different types are:

A Standby UPS

Line Interactive/Backup UPS

Online UPS

Each of these types of UPS is designed to keep network devices operational anytime there is a problem with power. They are very effective in delivery.

What Is A Standby UPS?

This is an offline-based unit that detects an electrical failure and immediately switches to battery power. It delivers short-term battery source power when there is a power outage. This device receives power through a normal AC connection. It features an inverter where it charges and holds power until needed.

Also, depending on the model, a standby UPS can help protect data and other sensitive equipment against spikes, surges, and power dips. These devices are compact making them the best option for home network protection.  They are often used to protect VoIP equipment, Computers, modems, and other hardware.  The best thing is that offline Standby UPS are the least expensive out of the three types.

What Is A Line Interactive/Backup UPS?

After a power outage, the battery power in a Line Interactive is initiated with a device known as Standby UPS. This type of UPS also delivers power for a short time. The moment it detects a loss in power, it automatically begins the backup process.  The switchover time occurs in milliseconds immediately after a power failure. Remember, the response time differs between different varying standby UPS units.

Of course, the switch time is not instantaneous, but it should not interfere with the equipment’s power flow. Remember, it will backup data immediately while preparing for a safe shutdown if the outage is expected to last. This will protect your data against loss or corruption.

What Is Online UPS?

This is a type of UPS that uses either a double or delta conversion technology. As such, with a double conversion, the network equipment will not receive power directly from the AC outlets. Rather, the Ac power is directed to a rectifier, where is it is converted into DC power. After this, the power is directed to the battery (where the battery is charged as it is being used). Then, the battery’s power is directed to an inverter where it is then directed to all sensitive equipment.