The Small Things We’re Missing A Lot About Travel

Some things we dearly miss about travel are pretty obvious. Others come up when we least expect. However, this one may not be as amazing as the first time sipping an ice-cold beer at 6 pm on the balcony of the hotel. To be truthful, it’s stressful. Therefore, what makes me miss the amazement of bagsy-ing the coolest lounger?

Well, so have never been in a position to bagsy the best: the accolade is for the crazy people who get up at 6 am and shuffle, with bleary eyes, to sling four towels over the four comfiest, less knackered and well-situated sunbeds the resort has to offer, placing a bottle of SPF on top of each one of them, a bottle of water that’s half-filled, a properly thumbed novel, some plastic toy to prevent any guest from misreading the situation. Turtle island.

If you wake up earlier, before the breakfast buffet opens, you’ll still have a fighting chance to catch a lounger close to the pool, not very far from the bar, and away from any tree that might cause a shade reducing the amount of vital tanning time.

Admit it: you miss the rush of adrenaline resulting from creeping out early into the sunlight, with a towel in hand, to bagsy the nicest seat in the house. Let’s face it: At this point of the Covid 19 lockdown, anything sharpening the senses and makes the pulse to race is positive.

Airport Prets

It may sound funny thinking about it. Pass a Pret on the local high street, and you aren’t very fussed. They’ve got average coffee, a little salty soup and you have taken avocados from them 943 times. Spy a Pret in the airport although it feels as if your Christmases have come at the same time.

The minibar

My kids thought it was unreal, the first time they saw a minibar. “Mummy, see this little cute fridge. Ooh! It’s got stuff inside! Orange juice! Coke! ” they shrieked as they stroked the tins full of wonder. “Wait, what? It is refilled each day? “

Well, quite. Even at my age, it’s unbelievable that a kind person holding a trolley will stroll around and fill up all the drinks you’ve taken at the end of a long day at the beach. Couldn’t feel bothered going to the closest supermercado? Don’t mind: here’s a cold Heineken. And what about nuts in the mix? Crips, you suggest? Join me. Ok, so maybe they are salted Pringles, the common choice of minibars from Melbourne to Miami, however, ready-salted Pringles have never tasted so good.

In case a minibar comes into its own when there are beach holidays, it’s as well useful during a trip on business, not especially when in another time zone. Is there anyone who hasn’t risen at 5 am either in LA or New York and groggily went inside the minibar to get a packet of Aged White Cheddar popcorn? Taking exotic junk food during the middle of the night is among the most underrated pleasure in life.

Of course, this nirvana has its shortcoming just like other nirvana. No one ever perused a minibar bill during checkout and said “Blimey, what a bargain”. However what price convenient? 15 euros for a tonic and gin because you ask.

The movie during a flight

You would never pay any amount to go and watch it at the cinema or buy it to download at home. Pretty sure, you’d also not watch it even if it was free on television during Christmas, since you don’t love cheesy romcoms. Unless you are traveling on a plane.