The Top Reasons Why People Buy Antique Items

There are many reasons why people enjoy buying old items, even items that are often hundreds of years old. Even though the idea of purchasing an item that would typically be in a museum or in a glass case may seen very strange to some, at Serendipity, our antique shop in Hampshire, we understand exactly why collectors would do so. After all, most collectors have their own reasons and even stories behind why they want to obtain old objects since they usually have particular meanings to them.

Age of the Item

In order for an item to be considered an antique, it has be be aged. Many people are drawn to buying extremely old items, especially knowing that the item is many years older than them. It is actually a great way to feel a sense of connection to the past, especially if the person is particularly intrigued by a certain period in time. For example, a collector may be interested in buying an antique porcelain ewer. This item is certainly quite prized among collectors since it was created in the 1400s and only in China, which once exported them during the 15th century. These pieces are highly treasured because they were among the very first porcelain items to have been imported from China to Europe.

Another reason why a person may be interested in antiques is due to the craftsmanship of the particular item. Before the industrial revolution, just about all items were made by hand. This is certainly a factor that connects collectors with antiques. After all, these items were personally made by an individual who took their time to do so without the use of machines. The fact that this item still exists is very appealing to collectors and it connects them to it. Additionally, the craftsmanship of a particular piece often shows the period it came from. These methods typically change over the course of time and is the reason why a ewer from the 15th century is perceived as more interesting and more valuable than a ewer from the 17th century. This is due to the fact that it was more difficult and challenging to create porcelain in the 15th century.

Make Money

There are many antique collectors that also collect and sell antiques, such as Rick Blears and Ruth Shearn who actually obtain Art Deco antiques and then sell them. In many cases these collectors spend a great deal of money on obtaining particular antiques but in other cases, they don’t always have to spend as much money to turn a profit. Rick and Ruth purchased a terracotta figure in 2013 on Ebay for a mere £26. The seller of the figure didn’t know that it was a Cortendorf terracotta figurine which made it extremely valuable due to the brand. Once the figurine was restored, it was worth around £800.


There are many collectors who use antiques to live through their memories since certain items often bring up particularly treasured memories. For example, if you have your grandmother’s antique spoon set, this may not be a personal souvenir but you likely treasure the spoons a great deal because they are quite valuable and they may inspire you to continue collecting more antique spoons to honour her .

Previous Owner

Most modern people don’t typically wear the hair of people who have died. However, there are still many people who purchase antiques that once belonged to famous persons. This actually helps them to connect to that person and feel closer to them. For example, David Rockefeller once purchased Mark Rothho’s painting, White Center, for £8000 in 1960. Then, in 2007 this same painting was put for sale and it had an estimated value of £31 million!

The Thrill

The main reason why many people love to buy and collect antique items is simply due to the fact that it is enjoyable and lots of fun. When you enter an antique store, there is no telling what treasure you’ll unearth. .