Things You Can Do With Old Clothing

Every year nearly 336,000 tonnes of clothes end up in bins across the UK. Also, £30 billion in unused clothing is sitting still in wardrobes nationwide (WRAP).

Fortunately, whatever state they are in, there are many sustainable things that can be done to recycle and upcycle old clothing, instead of just throwing them all away.

The following are some of the best tips and ideas on what you can do with your old clothing.

Clothing that is too worn out to wear:

  1. Upcycle and transform them into something new
  2. Check out local Fabric & Textile Recycling
  3. Check with your Council about Textile Collection
  4. Donate to an Animal Shelter

Clothing with some life left:

  1. Donate
  2. Hand down or pass on
  3. Rent your clothing
  4. Swap your old clothing
  5. Trade your clothing for cash
  6. Upcycle and transform them into something new

Clothes with holes or that are stained or damaged can be given to fabric and textile recycling (see below) or parts of them can be used to make new items like industrial blankets, cleaning cloths, car seats, padding for chairs, and face masks. Plus-size bras.

Check out local Fabric & Textile Recycling

Any clothes that are not in good enough shape to passed on still can be given new life by taking them to clothing banks. Textile and clothing banks can be found in local car parks and supermarkets. To find one that is near you, visit Recycle Now.

Check with your Council about Textile Collection

Textile and clothes collections are offered by many local councils. So it always worthwhile to check this out at local council websites. The collections are easy and free to use and are put to very good use.

Donate to an Animal Shelter

Often animal shelters use old clothing, towels, as well as other old textiles and fabrics for the animals that they are caring for. They are used to clean, make blankets and beds, and help make the animals feel more at home at the shelter. So consider donating old t-shirts and sweaters to an animal shelter.

Donate  to a charity

Clothing that is in good condition can be donated to a local charity shop. There are also some charities that do collections. Charity Retail is a website that helps you locate the closest charity shop. It is more difficult to get rid of company-branded clothes and uniforms, but it worth it to ask your employers to check into it for you. You can donate old school uniforms via ‘old school uniform’ or there might be a second-rail at your local school uniform store.

Hand down or pass on

Hand-me-downs are a great option as your children grow since over the years they save you lots of money and are environmentally friendly. It can also be a good solution between friends. So if you have changed sizes and would like your clothes to end up in a loving home, give them to a friend that they will fit. Washing the clothing before passing it along, be sure they will use and want them, and be honest about any damage they have.

Rent your clothing

Renting out clothes is a good option when you need to free up space but do not want to get rid of the clothes for good. Spread the enjoyment of beautiful clothes and in the process make a couple of pounds. Also if your closet doesn’t have any more room but you would like a stand-out outfit to wear to a special occasion, then renting could be the ideal solution for you!