Videography Services for Property Marketing during the Global Pandemic

The way the country operates has changed dramatically since the first of several lockdowns introduced by the government in March 2020 to contain the coronavirus pandemic. While the pandemic has altered some of our operations, we have largely continued to provide property marketing services with strict adherence to government guidelines, of course, to ensure the safety of our clients and videography team. Despite the pandemic, house sales have skyrocketed as people have started to see the drawbacks of living in a densely populated city as well as the realities of living in a remote location where travel is necessary to access key amenities.

Our company’s services will provide you with everything from stylishly edited films to basic property walk-throughs to 3D virtual showcases to breath-taking drone footage. In this post, we discuss what you can expect from some of our most popular videography services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in utilising our services.

Our Standard Virtual View Service

The popularity of our entry-level videography service has increased tenfold in recent months owing to the government-imposed coronavirus restrictions on in-person meetings. It provides around 60 seconds of video footage of a property walk-through. Our videographers use stabilisation technology and mobile capture to make footage ready for the web and other mediums as well as optimized for sharing on social media platforms and websites. While not a bespoke service, video operators will take some direction as to which spaces to zone in on and which ones to avoid too much focus. They can film in landscape or portrait mode inline with your preferences. Good weather permitting, our video operators will take shots of any gardens and a property’s front externals.

Upgrade to Virtual View Plus

Our Virtual View Plus videography service is designed for customers that want an upgrade from our standard service. It provides footage with a bit more sparkle. Our team uses wider shooting angles and smoother camera pans which make for footage with a more professional, high-end aesthetic. We also allocate more time for editing to ensure all unique, special property features are highlighted.

Interactive Virtual Tours with Our Matterport Services

With cutting-edge Matterport scanners, we can create a virtual 3D representation of an entire property that prospective buyers can interactively view online. We have skilled operators stationed around the country ready to provide customers with something a little different. Our Matterport scanner operators walk-through an entire building to ensure every space and room is captured. The ability to provide prospective buyers with interactive virtual property tours is even more important given the government-sanctioned travel and face-to-face contact restrictions currently in place across the nation. What’s more, international buyers are certain to appreciate the ability to tour properties for sale without concern for tone zone differences or the need for long-distance flights. Select our Matterport services for interactive, highly detailed, immersive footage. The unique footage is packaged in a way that’s easy to share with buyers and vendors looking to offer alternatives to in-person viewings.

Draw Traffic to Online Property Listings with Drone Footage

Some properties have that wow factor with unique features and surroundings best showcased from above. Beach properties, historic country mansions, farm buildings and stately homes are ideal candidates for our drone videography services. Drone footage showcases properties from a fresh perspective and makes it easier for potential buyers to gauge the size and scale of a dwelling and its surroundings. For those homes set on arcs of land, floor plans and basic walk-through shots simply won’t do justice. Our entire drone operator team is certified and highly trained. Before taking any footage, our operators request the required permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to ensure every drone flight is legal, insured, and safe. You can learn more at Fourlabs.