Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill in 2021

You might remember those days when you spent the majority of your day outside of your home. Well, those days are long gone. Nowadays, people are spending more and more of their time in their own homes out of necessity. This is primarily due to COVID and the lockdowns that it sprung on the population. It has forced a lot of people to have to work from home. Because of this, heating expenses are expected to skyrocket in 2021. Not only are the majority of the household’s budget spent on heating and energy, but it typically accounts for a large portion of your utility bills. This makes it the opportune place to start looking when you are trying to figure out ways to save money.

You might be wondering how you can begin to experience savings on your utility bills. Here are some of the best tips to implement right now.

Turn Down the Temperature in Your Home

One of the best things you can do is being aware of how hot you are keeping your home. By keeping your home a mere 1-degree cooler, you can end up experiencing a savings of £80 per year. If this is something that would cause your living room to be too cold, you could always add a couple of ceramic German radiators or portable electric heaters to the mix. By doing this, you can add the heaters to the rooms that you are actively using. This can keep you from having to spend too much by heating rooms that you aren’t using.

Invest in a New Boiler or Completely Switch

Another good thing that you could consider doing would be switching to a brand new boiler. By making the switch from a less efficient G-rated unit to one that is A-rated, you can experience savings up upwards of £300 each year. That being said, getting a new boiler can be very expensive with the total cost ranging anywhere from £1,250 to £4,000. Along with this, the government is getting much more aggressive with the stance of minimising the burning of fossil fuels. Therefore, it might now be the best long term investment decision to switch to using electric radiators, which are much more efficient. Because of this, they are quickly gaining traction in the marketplace. This makes an electric radiator a much better option for those looking for something that is rather future-proof.

Installing and Using a Smart Thermostat

Whether you have a new or older heating system, you can find a lot of smart thermostats that will save you money. Having a smart thermostat can do wonders for your system’s heating and cooling efficiency. A smart thermostat will give you the ability to effectively check the temperature throughout your home easily on your phone. It will even allow you to make changes to the temperature of your home. Best of all, they have smart features that allow them to adapt your home’s temperature and climate to your usage patterns. Thus, the system will automatically shut your heating and cooling off when you leave your home or when you are sleeping. It will also help to only heat certain areas of your home if other areas aren’t being used. This can make it much easier to lower your energy usage and bills without having to make any other changes in your life. These thermostats can be fitted to any central heating system and there are plenty in the market to choose from. Here are a few of them:

  • Google Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)
  • Hive Active Heating 2
  • Honeywell Evohome
  • Tado Smart Thermostat V3

All of these smart thermostats come with their unique features and value propositions. You want to find the one that fits your use-case the most. Some of them will have extra features that could prove to be very useful in your quest to save money on your energy costs. Some key features to keep an eye out for would be location detection and Geofencing.