What Exactly Is The iOS 14 Update And How Will It Affect Digital Advertising?

Many tech enthusiasts have been discussing Apple’s new iOS 14 update and how it is going to impact the industry. This is especially true when it comes to how it will change the way companies can track users and advertise. Facebook is a company that has relied on scrupulous tactics in the past and the update is set to change all of that.

What Is The iOS 14 Update From Apple?

Apple announced various new privacy features in 2020 that will change the way businesses can track and advertise users.

This new update will force companies to ask users via the app to collect their personal information, share data, and more.

Thus, any user of Apple’s platform will be sent a popup/notification that will ask them whether or not they want to be tracked.

This new policy that is set to debut in iOS 14 will keep companies from taking advantage of users and collecting data without permission. The user must now opt into the tracking similar to the way websites have to ask users to accept cookies on their site.

The Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is essentially a random number given directly by Apple to various user’s devices. This is a unique number that advertisers use to track and submit data so they can deliver more optimised advertising.

This data can be used in a variety of ways including for data mining important information like figuring out when a user interacts with different campaigns.

How will this new update affect businesses that advertise with Facebook?

This update is set to make waves with Facebook advertising. Previously, Facebook was able to grab a lot of information from users which helped businesses’ optimise their advertising campaigns and track conversions through tools like the Facebook pixel.

Before the update, IDFAs were widely available for most users. However, with the newest update, there are expected to be very few users who actively opt in to being tracked. Because of this, businesses will have a mere fraction of the user base they used to. This will end up impacting businesses’ ability to advertise as effectively as they once did.

When will this new update be pushed out?

This update has been delayed time and time again. However, Apple has told app developers that the update is going to be pushed out by early spring and they have noted that updating will be mandatory for all registered apps.

What do advertisers need to do?

The industry is still looking for guidance from Apple to figure out how to properly adapt to the newest changes. That being said, there are certain things Facebook advertisers should be doing at this moment to prepare for the sweeping changes.

Facebook has come out with a brand new domain verification feature that forces any website that has advertising to go through the requisite verification checks. Facebook’s Domain Verification is a simplified process. However, it does require you to add a verification code directly to your site.

Facebook attempts to make an argument that user privacy and personalised advertising can co-exist. They are trying to convince businesses that the newest update isn’t going to have as big of an impact as they might presume. Facebook has noted that it is going to be delivering its pop-up that will detail the information about how they collect information to deliver personalised advertisements.

If you accept the various pop-ups that Facebook and Instagram offer, the user won’t notice any changes with the advertising. However, that doesn’t mean Facebook is getting more data from you than it did previously. If you decline the pop-up request, you’ll see advertisements, but they won’t be as personalised or relevant.

If you are worried about how the update is going to negatively impact your digital advertising efforts, the trained and experienced team at Air Social will be able to guide you through the changes to make you feel more at ease. Contact us right now and we can get started.