Why You Need A Recruitment Agency In Current Lean Times

There is no need to repeat what is rather obvious about the problematic state of affairs currently bedevilling the world. Many people are going through a difficult period; many employers have laid-off workers from work, with businesses incurring losses, struggling to stay afloat.

Nonetheless, there are still many companies out there wishing to hire new staff, albeit the lean budgets. In all honesty, many companies are on a relatively tight budget; it is typical for employers to want to bypass marketing recruitment agencies and hire staff directly on their own, under the assumption of saving the company money and time.

There are plenty of opportunities in recruitment agencies like ours. An employer can save money and time while taking in only the highly-suitable and spirited talents to their workforce. The following are some of the reasons you may need our services:

Extraordinary High Numbers of Applicants

The current tough times have seen many people lose their jobs, thereby increasing overall unemployment rates in the world. Consequently, an increased level of joblessness has seen recruiters receive an unprecedentedly high number of job applications.

Currently, statistics estimate that more than 50 applicants hunt for a single job opening in the United Kingdom. Just recently, an advertisement for a restaurant job in Manchester received over 960 interested applicants.

According to Institute for Employment Studies, the ratio of people claiming benefits against the number of roles has hit a high of 103-1.

Many small companies lack the necessary experience and are unable to review all job applications and resumes extensively. Additionally, when you consider the high number of job applicants, it becomes an enormous task sorting out applications, scheduling interviews, and handling general correspondence with the candidates.

Many Applicants not Matched to the Rightful Jobs.

Selecting the ideal candidate for a specialist position in marketing is often a lengthy and challenging process especially. Not all job applicants who express interest in filling a specific job opening are rightly qualified.

It is a common occurrence among professional recruiters like ourselves to receive job applications from individuals lacking the requisite experience level or an understanding of the job post’s responsibilities.

How to Conduct a Successful Recruitment Process

The first step in a successful recruitment process is ensuring you have a well-supported recruitment team to handle a high number of applications you are likely to receive.

You will also develop an action plan to guide you to reply fairly and on time to the list of applicants for a job opening (including those that will not progress to the next stage).

An important note to remember is always protecting your recruitment brand and maintaining positive standing with everyone interested in joining your organisation.

Remember to put out a well-written advertisement with a solid professional outlook if you want to attract the best job talent.

Ensure you manage your allowance for the advertisement budget by putting out the advert on online platforms or relevant job boards.

How We Can Help You Recruit the Best Workforce

We can help you hire the best candidates in several ways, such as:

Recruitment Experts
We provide an experienced team of dedicated professionals to help you manage numerous applications, reply to applicants appropriately, conduct interviews and recommend to you the most suitable candidate/s for the job.

Additionally, we rely on an updated and inclusive database, covering candidates in marketing and digital staff enrolment. We are professional experts committed to protecting your company’s brand in the public eye.

We Provide Support for In-house Recruitment
We provide an experienced team of marketing, digital and creative recruiters to employers seeking to grow their in-house recruitment team in the short-term. Our team can work with employers on a freelance basis to advertise a vacant role, review applications, and conduct the initial interviews.

Advertising and Filtering
At a friendly, one-time fee, we will advertise a vacant role on behalf of the employer and filter the rightful candidates. We will respond to applicants and forward the names of suitable candidates to the employer for review and subsequent management.

In conclusion, we are eager and happy to talk to our clients and provide custom-made assistance to help them move forward with the best marketing and digital recruitment approach. Find Out More.